Hmm. The world spins funny. I’m not even going to begin. I had four wisdom teeth forcibly removed from my mouth last Friday. I’m eating soft foods, and probably losing weight because I can’t eat fast enough not to be hungry. I think that might be making me a little irritable, too. Bah, on that. I should just take some more vicodin and go to bed. I went all day drug-free, but right now, I’m just on the verge of some pain, and it will probably help me sleep better, anyway. Do I sound like an addict yet?

Looking forward to being able to do my taxes and collect a refund. And hopefully get a lovely friend of mine hired and get a referral bonus. One or both of those windfalls will be my new couch, about which I’m desperately excited.

Bleh. I’m sort of eh, today. I should not write more. Maybe later.